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Greenwood Gulch

Greenwood Village, Colorado

About the Project:

Channel Improvements

Channel improvements at Greenwood Gulch are a second generation flood control measure intended to reduce overspill potential and cattail habitat through what had been a state of the art peak reduction, flood control facility when constructed in the late 1980s. The original engineered channel was ideal habitat for cattails that have flourished and greatly reduced the channel’s cross-sectional capacity. The new, low-flow channel utilizes advanced stabilization methods to run more steeply along the corridor and drain the cattails.

Channel Plantings

StudioCPG worked with project engineers to develop appropriate planting sections to provide a stable channel and develop a diverse ecology. Improvements include a variety of seed mixes, wetland sod, wetland plugs and deep root plants in conjunction with coir logs, mats, and erosion control fabrics.

Illustrative Graphics

Our work included illustrative graphics that were used during community outreach meetings. These drawings helped homeowners visualize and understand the impacts of improvements through their backyards.

Project Images

Full Bank Illustrative Channel Sections

Project incorporates two types of channel treatments, full bank natural channel and full bank riprap channel.

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